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Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Speed Optimization

Veda Warrior

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscriptions  ·  Affiliate & Referral Program

Mox Mind Body

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Affiliate Program  ·  Subscriptions  ·  Speed Optimization  ·  Custom Landing Page Development for Ads

Cereal Number

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscriptions

Tender Belly

Theme Transfer  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscriptions  ·  Speed Optimization  ·  Custom Shipping and Pickup Configuration

Fresh Sends

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Custom Checkout Flow  ·  Subscriptions  ·  Speed Optimization

Annika Inez

Store Setup  ·  Magento Data Migration  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Custom Product Filtering


Theme Customization  ·  Custom Template Development  ·  Custom Wholesale Development and Integration  ·  Theme Cleanup and Optimization  ·  Site Speed Optimization


Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscription  ·  Site Speed Optimization

Business Insider Reports

Store Setup  ·  Data Transfer to Shopify  ·  Design  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Digital Downloads Configuration

Code Sleep Repeat

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Digital Product Configuration  ·  Site Speed Optimization

Chubby Organics

Store Setup  ·  Graphics and Branding  ·  Design  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscription  ·  Site Speed Optimization


Store Setup  ·  Theme Development  ·  Custom Templates

Aguas Co.

Store Setup  ·  Design  ·  Custom Theme Development


Store Setup  ·  Design  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Subscription

Edel Golf

Store Setup  ·  Data Transfer to Shopify  ·  Custom Theme Development  ·  Custom Theme Design  ·  Custom Product Configurator  ·  Site Speed Optimization


Custom Theme Development  ·  Custom Landing Page Development  ·  Theme Cleanup and Optimization  ·  Site Speed Optimization

Atlas Standard

Store Setup  ·  Custom Theme Development

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About Us

We are a creative design and development team with a focus on custom Shopify development.

2020 has been chaotic, unexpected, and frankly terrifying to say the least. Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to your E-Commerce experience.

Agencies all over the place are claiming to be experts in all things development, design and know every platform, web builder, and digital tool.

We do not.

We are Shopify Experts, plain and simple. We have a deep knowledge of Shopify -- from optimized designing to custom theme development to app integration. Our goal is to work with your team to bring your brand and story to life online. We will always have time to chat ideas and strategies, we do not have project management fees, and we never, ever, outsource development at a lower cost. Our team loves what we do and we will always be the ones doing it.

Michael Tejada

Founded Cardinal & Co. in 2015 (previously Cardinal Designs) • Stanford Graduate • Formerly at Teach For America and The Flatiron School • Favorite site: Tender Belly

Natalie Despain

Joined Cardinal & Co. in May 2019 • BFA in Studio Art • Former Full Stack engineer for various Agriculture startups • Favorite site: Mox Mind Body

Stephan Holly

Joined Cardinal & Co. in January 2020 • USC and ASU graduate • Full Stack Developer at various startups • Favorite site: Chubby Organics


We’re online!

If you have a project request or want to talk Shopify you can reach us on AOL Instant Messenger. Though, we haven't logged in since 6th grade and there might be an angsty away message... actually just fill out the contact form.